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Atorvastatin is used along with a proper diet to help lower “bad” cholesterol and fats (such as LDL, triglycerides) and raise “good” cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. It belongs to a group of drugs known as “statins.” It works by reducing the amount of cholesterol made by the liver.


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What is Lipitor (Atorvastatin )?

Firstly, Lipitor is the brand name Order Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Online  of a prescription drug made by Pfizer ,Order Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Online. Order Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Online  , Lipitor For Sale In US , Buy Lipitor 80 mg Online , Purchase Atorvastatin 80 mg
Secondly, The generic name of the medicine is atorvastatin.
Hence, It is pronounced as a-tor-va-sta-tin.
It is also known as atorvastatin calcium.
The drug is prescribed to adults suffering from high bad cholesterol. T
he medicine can lower the bad cholesterol and raise the levels of good cholesterol.
It can also regulate triglycerides.
The drug can help alleviate or even avert heart ailments or cardiovascular diseases including heart attack. Order Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Online
It can also reduce the risk of stroke.

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Before You Take Lipitor

Don’t take the drug if you have had allergic reactions to atorvastatin.
Lipitor should not be prescribed to pregnant and breastfeeding women.
If you are planning to get pregnant, it is best to avoid the drug.
People with kidney disease, liver disease and thyroid condition should let their doctors know before starting on a course.
While on the medication, you should avoid alcohol consumption. If you do consume alcohol, limit it to a maximum of two drinks.
There are many side effects of the medicine and alcohol will make them worse.
Alcohol consumption will also increase the level of triglycerides in your blood.

Lipitor has some serious side effects.

Although rare, it can adversely affect the skeletal muscle tissue, leading to a breakdown.
This condition is not common but it is serious and can cause kidney failure.
If you experience weakness, tenderness or muscle pain for no apparent reason, you should immediately speak with your doctor.
Normal exhaustion is fine but anything unusual or chronic fatigue is serious.
If you urine turn dark after taking Lipitor, speak with your doctor.
Older people are more vulnerable to this side effect, especially those who already have a kidney ailment and uncontrolled hypothyroidism.

Lipitor does not work if you do not alter your diet. It is imperative for you to adopt a diet low in fat.
Fatty foods will continue to increase the levels of bad cholesterol so the effects of the drug will simply be countered. Order Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Online
Exercise is also equally important.
You should avoid drinking grapefruit juice and eating grapefruit as
there can be some dangerous interaction, leading to severe side effects.
Speak to your doctor before you make substantial changes to your diet.

Directions for Taking Lipitor

Adhere to the instructions provided by your doctor.
In most cases, people are prescribed to take Lipitor only once every day.
One may take it without or with food.
The exact dosage and other instructions do vary from person to person.
Do not stop short of the full course and do not prolong the course.
Don’t go for smaller or larger doses.

If you miss a dose, you should try and make up for it as soon as you can.
Don’t combine doses. Keep your stock of the drug in a dry place, protected from sunlight, heat and moisture.
Room temperature is fine. Refrigeration is not necessary.

You should immediately report serious side effects,
such as seizures, infections, electrolyte imbalance,
plummeting blood pressure and constant dehydration.
Your doctor may ask you to skip the medicine for a few days and observe how you feel.
You may resume the medicine after you feel normal.

High cholesterol is usually a chronic condition, especially among older and obese people.
Hence, Lipitor is often prescribed for the long term.
The treatment is ongoing and the objective is to regulate the levels of bad cholesterol while increasing the levels of good cholesterol.
Regular consumption in the long run does not have any major problem unless you are experiencing some serious side effects.

Lipitor Side Effects

The side effects of Lipitor include loss of appetite,
blurred vision,
breathing problem,
fever, exhaustion,
hunger, hives, dehydration and increased thirst,
muscle weakness and pain, jaundice, swelling of face and lips,
tongue and throat or any of the parts, nausea,
urinary problems including dark urine,
clay colored stools and changes in weight.

You may also experience some milder side effects such as constipation,
mild pain in the stomach and in muscles,
rash, itching and stuffy nose.

You should report all serious side effects and seek emergency medical care if you are unable to bear some of the reactions.

If you experience any of the following adverse effects you should stop taking Lipitor and seek emergency medical help immediately. Order Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Online

appetite loss
blurred vision
clay colored stools
difficulty breathing
increased thirst
jaundice (yellowing of your skin)
muscle pain or weakness
swelling, especially of your face, lips, throat or tongue
urinary abnormalities, such as urinating less often or not at all, increased urinating, or extremely dark colored urine.
weight changes
Less serious side effects of Lipitor may include:

itching or rash
mild muscle pain
stuffy nose

It should be noted that this is not a complete list of possible side effects of Lipitor.
You should contact your physician for a complete list and medical advice regarding these effects. Order Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Online

Lipitor Description and Dosing

Lipitor tablets come in four dosage or strengths, ranging from 10 mg to 80 mg.
You may be prescribed the least dosage initially and your doctor may increase it gradually.
You may be given a 40 mg dosage straightaway depending on the level of bad cholesterol in your blood.
Do not change your dosage without the approval of your doctor. Order Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Online

Lipitor is available in the following doses:

10 mg tablets, coded “10” on one side and “PD 155” on the other side.
20 mg tablets, coded “20” on one side and “PD 156” on the other side.
40 mg tablets, coded “40” on one side and “PD 157” on the other side.
80 mg tablets, coded “80” on one side and “PD 158” on the other side.

The typical starting dose of Lipitor is usually 10 mg or 20 mg s, taken once daily either with or without food. Lipitor For Sale In US

If your doctor feels you need a large reduction in your LDL, or “bad” cholesterol,
you may be started at 40 mg , to be taken once a day. Purchase Atorvastatin 80 mg

The dosage range of Lipitor is 10 mg to 80 mg , typically taken once daily.

All people taking Lipitor should consult their doctor for specific dosing pertaining to them.
Do not attempt to alter or change your dose without your physician’s consent.

If you suspect that you have overdosed with Lipitor you should seek emergency help immediately.Lipitor For Sale In US

Ingredients in Lipitor

The main active ingredient in Lipitor is atorvastatin calcium.
The tablets also contain calcium carbonate,
croscarmellose sodium, candelilla wax,
hydroxypropyl cellulose, magnesium stearate,
lactose monohydrate,
microcrystalline cellulose,
hypromellose, talc, polyethylene glycol and titanium dioxide,
simethicone emulsion and polysorbate 80.

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